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"Kinship" Collector's Print

"Kinship" Collector's Print

An emblem of gratitude for the gift of Kinship, this Trace exclusive artwork embodies all that we value as we invite you on the upcoming journey to Heal Self, Heal Earth, and Heal Kin. Created by cosmic flora and fauna Artist-in-Residence, Kristin Heldt. 

"Kinship" Limited to 500 prints. 
A portion of each purchase is returned to the artist to further support her impactful work. 
"I believe that humankind is a part of nature and that everything is connected in some way. My focus with my illustrations is to bring you visual reminders of the cosmic magic that is in this universe. This print encompasses everything that Trace and I believe in; using our
gifts to continue the healing of ourselves, our kin, and our beautiful home we call earth." Kristin Heldt

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