Periods Can Save Our Soil

We were always meant to live in reciprocity with Earth. Although depletive farming methods and harmful chemicals hurt us and our climate, this not where our story ends. Trace makes premium tampons with a hemp and Climate Beneficial™ cotton core and 100% hemp applicators. Hemp absorbs climate change-inducing carbon from the air and puts it into the soil. These tampons will change the industry and better the world by restoring the earth through regenerative practices and the natural capabilities of hemp.

Trace began from the belief that by fostering our connection with nature and changing the way we talk about periods, we could heal the earth. We’re embracing a new beginning by creating an opportunity to restore our connection to the earth through the products we use because we see periods as a solution, not a problem.

The Trace Standard

  • Innovate

    As the world’s first hemp tampon, we are healing the earth through soil restoration. Trace tampons are disposable and 100% plastic-free with no petroleum-based or extractive components. Through a proprietary process, our hemp fibers developed in collaboration are as soft and absorbent as cotton. We use the highest quality fibers to offer premium design and performance.

  • Cultivate

    We are cultivating an honest relationship with everyone connected to the Trace mission. Quality, traceability, and transparency are fundamental to what we do. Our tampon fibers are grown only on farms in the United States by farmers we know by name. We’re involved in every step of the process to ensure we can always provide the information you deserve to know.

  • Heal

    Healing Mother Earth and her people is our practice, not just a promise. We go beyond sustainable by using regenerative agricultural practices to restore our soil and reverse climate change. We believe in person-to-person healing by providing fair wages and land restoration farming to BIPOC and indigenous peoples in our supply chain.

Connect with Us

Claire began her journey as a women’s health nurse practitioner. Her desire to expand her reach of healing led her to Meg, a like-minded physician. Their initial connection formed from a shared passion of wanting to heal people and Mother Earth and an understanding that the two are interconnected. This realization set them on a path of returning to reciprocity with the earth’s gifts. The belief in the marriage of science and creativity allowed them to explore mutually beneficial holistic health and healing to find a new way forward in the future of farming.

With the many benefits of hemp and the regenerative farming practices of cotton, they found a connection between menstrual care and reciprocity. Recognizing the need for change in the world of menstrual care, they embraced the realization that periods hold power to heal the earth and they could innovate product to do that. Equally passionate about the mission to create a restorative exchange with Earth through femcare, Olaf joined the vision with 20 years of experience in making absorbent hygiene products. Together, they set out on a new path of searching, learning, and understanding to develop Trace—a new healing journey for us, earth, and self.