Along with supporting thousands of patients, Meg and Claire, a Medical Doctor and Nurse Practitioner, have grappled with their own health journeys. So they both intimately understand how daunting and frustrating it is to navigate menstrual health and choices.

As caring experts who honor personal sovereignty, they lend their decades of holistic and clinical experience to answer your questions on all things menstruation and period care.


Why is this the first fully traceable period product? Why is this important?

Our products are fully traceable all the way to the farm/field level because there is no other way to completely ensure the integrity of our ingredients. As such, we maintain close relationships and rigor along every step of the agricultural and manufacturing processes. Historically, the larger menstrual care industry has relied heavily on 3rd party verifications alone to prove compliance, calling into question the proven validity of certifications. Added to this lack of transparency and rigor are reports of child labor, inhumane and inequitable supply chains in period care. We have sought a fundamental shift in the thinking on responsibility and set out to make our own sovereign supply chain! We sleep well at night knowing that our ingredients are directly controlled by us every step along the way. And we are fully transparent to you on that. It’s a promise.


What’s the difference between regenerative agriculture v. organic agriculture?

Certified “organic” is a labeling term that denotes products produced under the authority of the Organic Foods Production Act (in the US). Purchasing certified organic products can assure you that the land on which it was grown was managed without the use of most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, but it cannot tell you whether the health of the land (and its inhabitants) is/are improving. By contrast, regenerative agriculture supports deep agricultural principles, not just certifications or practices. Regenerative agriculture focuses on “future” outcomes — actual improvements to soil and land health along with comprehensive markers for the long-term thriving of all constituents: land, water, plants, animals and humans! We think organic farming is far superior to conventional farming, but regenerative farming is the standard that truly honors and helps to heal the earth.

Why do you have plastic wrapper?

Wrappers are essential to moisture and bacteria from contaminating your product. Our pad's wrapper is made from industrial-compostable, plant-based PLA. The tampon's plastic wrapper is required for hygiene purposes and manufacturing according to FDA standards. Our current tampon wrapper is made of polypropylene and we are working hard to find a more environmentally friendly alternative. Stay tuned.

Why is this product more expensive compared to other tampons?

Our tampons and pads are definitely more expensive than others you see on the shelf. That’s because we treat our people and land fairly while using only the highest quality ingredients. We understand that the cost is high and that might be prohibitive, but we also believe in fair compensation and better ingredients for a product that is better for you – and the earth. We support BIPOC farmers, regenerative agricultural initiatives, the newly growing US hemp industry, innovation in period care, and a host of non-profit organizations. Our testing protocols far exceed the minimum requirement for our category, and we source premium fibers. We believe all of these choices are central to changing the landscape of period care, which is our aim, and unfortunately it’s expensive in the current market context. By showing that we all WANT these changes, we can inspire the entire industry to revolutionize sourcing, and at scale, rebalance and reduce costs.

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Is this FDA regulated? Is it safe for my body?

We are committed to ensuring we bring you safe period care products. Therefore, before we begin sales, our tampons are undergoing the FDA review process. Tampons are the only period products that go through this process. Our tampons have also undergone rigorous testing above and beyond industry standards. (If you would like to see our analytics, send us a request HERE) Our physician and nurse practitioner founders, Meg and Claire, are extremely passionate about bringing awareness and better products to the often opaque world of menstrual health. We do not contain plastic, glyphosate, dioxins, dyes, bleaches, fragrances, or other potentially harmful chemicals or ingredients. As strong advocates for increased global research for/on period care product ingredients, we work closely with several non-profit organizations to further this imperative.

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What is hemp? Is it the same as cannabis? Do these tampons and pads contain THC or CBD? Can they get me high?

Our tampons and pads are a blend of hemp fiber and cotton. Our hemp fiber has been tested and does not contain CBD or THC and cannot get you “high." Therefore, our tampons and pads have no psychoactive effects. The fiber itself comes from the stalk of the plant, like linen and flax. It is processed to have a very soft feel, like the softness of cotton.

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Why are your tampons applicator-free?

We advocate for as little unnecessary packaging as possible. As long as hands are clean, manually inserted tampons can often assure the most comfortable fit. Plus, it fits in the palm of your hand!

What certifications and/or verifications do your tampons have?

We’re proud to have our cotton Climate-Beneficial™ verified through Fibershed and our C4 California Cotton and Climate Coalition because you and the earth deserve better than organic. Our Climate-Beneficial™ emphasis is to enhance biological life within irrigated cropland soils, to improve soil structure, soil-water holding capacity, natural fertility, and carbon drawdown. Unfortunately, other typical third-party certifications are indirect and therefore can be unreliable. They don’t meet our standards for transparency, so we go beyond certifications to do what no other period care company does: direct involvement with every step from farm to body to ensure the integrity of our products.

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Is this tampon better for my health? Why?

We make a tampon that is better for the environment and that keeps your wellbeing at the center of the conversation. As qualified healthcare providers, we’re concerned with the lack of transparency regarding how menstrual products are made–you deserve to know exactly what is in your tampon! To ensure your sovereignty in choosing a healthy menstrual product, we have disrupted the global industry, providing unprecedented oversight over our agricultural and manufacturing processes. We hand-select every ingredient from the farm forward, rather than relying on manufacturers or third-party verifications alone. Through this innovative and powerful approach, we are able to intentionally exclude potential hormone disruptors, pollutants, and other potentially harmful or hidden ingredients such as glyphosate, dioxins, pesticides, fragrances, PFAS, bleach, etc. With our partners, we advocate strongly for you by pushing further research to look into long-term effects of these ingredients.

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I see small flecks in my tampon-what is this?

Our tampons and pads are made from unbleached, natural cotton and hemp fibers. Therefore, you will see each unique fiber within the tampon. We take deep pride in our ingredients and allow them to shine–no need to dye, bleach, or cover up what nature has made beautiful. In short, there is nothing to worry about–enjoy the natural beauty of your tampon!


Do you accept returns?

We sadly cannot accept returns on tampons or pads because of regulatory requirements. If you receive damaged product, please contact our customer service team HERE within 3 days of receiving your product to make it right.

Where can I track my shipment?

Shipping can be tracked through Shopify, you will get an email and/or text with your order number/verification and again once your order has shipped. If you are subscribed to our emails and/or SMS, you will get reminders when your shipments will arrive. Still need help? Reach out to us, and we will figure it out together. Please include your order number in your message.

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Health concerns?

If you have any concerns or questions about menstrual health or our products, we encourage you to speak to your personal healthcare provider. Although our founders are also healthcare practitioners and offer insight and knowledge about periods and menstrual care, these are for broad-based educational and entertainment purposes only, and we cannot and do not offer medical advice or treatment.