Authentic relationship is the foundation for building trust that we require for our products. That’s why you’ll see our founders working closely with our farmers, team members, processors, and manufacturers. To ensure we make the finest quality period care, free of potentially harmful toxins, we take full responsibility for processes at every stage.


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    Climate Beneficial™ Cotton

    As a founding member of the California Climate and Cotton Coalition (C4), we partner with other brands to help farmers in the Central Valley transition from traditional farming methods to regenerative farming practices, restoring soil and air health. By partnering closely with our neighbors, other brands, and farmers, we foster kinship throughout our supply chain, ensuring that no glyphosate or other potentially harmful pesticides are used. No other hygiene brand in the world has our farm-level traceability and Climate Beneficial Cotton™ quality.


    Hemp’s ability to sequester carbon to the soil is remarkable! It doesn't require harsh pesticides or herbicides to grow well, it needs very little water, and it supports soil health, biodiversity, and air quality. Our hemp is farmed in North Carolina on a multi-generation family farm with genetics specifically selected for its premium quality fiber. Our hemp farm partner is a state leader, recognized for his industry leadership and for growing the best fiber for absorbent hygiene. Together, we work closely to ensure the highest cultivation and ingredient standards.


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    Climate Beneficial™ Cotton 

    Cotton goes through a gin to remove the seeds, clean away plant matter, sample for USDA grading, and bale for transport. Our cotton is ginned near one of our farms - reducing carbon footprint from an otherwise long transport and reinforcing a close relationship between farmer and ginner. We are proud that our traceability and relationships carry through beyond the farm and into our processing.

    Regeneratively Grown Hemp

    Hemp fiber comes from the stalk of the plant. The leaves and flowers are not involved (so ZERO CBD or THC!). The fibers are stripped from the stalk in a process called decortication. The fibers resemble long, flax-like strands that peel easily off the stalk. Mechanical processing is used to separate strands from each other like strands of hair and is the first step in softening the fibers.


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    Climate Beneficial™ Cotton 

    We use the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified purification process. This removes the natural oils from the fibers so that the cotton can become absorbent. By using a special GOTS certified process, we ensure no bleaching agents, dioxins, or other potentially harmful chemicals are used.

    Regeneratively Grown Hemp

    Hemp fibers are purified and refined further in our proprietary process. Gentle, non-toxic detergents are used to strip natural oils in the hemp fibers, helping them to become more absorbent fibers that are very fine, resembling fluffy, soft cotton. We use caring practices, without harsh cleansing agents: no dioxins, toxins, or bleach. That’s why you will see our unique, natural hemp fibers in each individually beautiful product.


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    Cotton and Hemp are Blended

    Once the cotton and hemp are refined, they are blended together in our special proportions, ensuring even distribution and absorption throughout our period care products with consistent quality throughout production.


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    Blended fiber sent to manufacturer to be made into tampon

    Our fiber is then shipped to our GMP certified manufacturer in Germany to be made into tampons. Our design is cylindrical, which means it expands evenly to fit into the vagina. Our fibers and design ensure a premium product that feels good and is safe and supportive of health.


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    Safety testing

    As a doctor and nurse practitioner, we believe that you deserve the very best period care products. Our protocols for testing are consistent and comprehensive - and they are robust! We always test to ensure the absence of dioxins, glyphosate, heavy metals, and other vaginal microbiome disruptors. There are no shortcuts in integrity and traceability.


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    Biodegrade / Cycle Renewal

    Our tampons contain zero plastic so they biodegrade entirely. Truly, “No trace left behind.” We recognize that even all-natural materials need to be exposed to the right circumstances to completely biodegrade, and that landfills are not ideal for this; so, we are working with innovative programs to discover new ways of composting our tampons. Working on the future for the end-of-life of disposable products is something we are passionate about.


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    What does kinship mean to us? It means that we regard all of our stakeholders as vital to the mission of care! We’re honored to collaborate with our farmers and farms, partners and manufacturers, advocates and educators, and our end-users and customers, all of whom are imperative to the cycle of creation. At the core of our consideration, we recognize we are in kinship with the Earth, who sustains and nourishes us - the most important blessing of all.