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Hemp and Climate Beneficial™ Cotton Pads

Hemp and Climate Beneficial™ Cotton Pads

A first-of-its kind pad with natural hemp fiber for ultimate absorbance that goes beyond sustainable. Made with our traceable, pesticide-free, and soft hemp fiber topsheet (the part that touches your body) and a core of Climate Beneficial™ cotton. A menstrual pad that honors both menstrual and environmental wellness as one in the same.  

Includes 12 pads with wide wings for extra security.
Regular absorbency for moderate flow, ultra-thin comfort.

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TOPSHEET: (to wick fluid into core) Blend of 50% hemp fiber and 50% organic cotton.

ABSORBENT CORE: (absorbs and holds menstrual blood) 50% Climate Beneficial™ cotton and 50% organic cotton.

WATERPROOF BACKSHEET: (to keep fluid from leaking) Plant-based, biodegradable PLA film.

ADHESIVE STRIP: (to hold pad in place) Silicon paper.

FREE OF: Glyphosate, dioxins, fragrance, plastic, potential toxins or vaginal microbiome disruptors. DOES NOT CONTAIN THC or CBD. Avoid use if you have an allergy to hemp or any hemp-derived products.


HEMP PARTNERS: The hemp fiber is our pads is grown by our farming partners in North Carolina, Montana, and Germany and is purified in North Carolina and Germany. We are working together to advance technology and expand farming operations for hemp fiber. Your support directly supports the scaling of hemp fiber cultivation for a bigger environmental impact.

: We choose to grow our Climate Beneficial™ cotton in the Central Valley of
California because farmers here are known for growing highest quality cotton in
the world, yet the land suffers greatly from drought and over-farming. When you purchase TRACE pads, you financially and directly support our farming partners' ability to dedicate new acreage to regenerative farming practices. The more TRACE pads we use, the more earth healing we achieve.


Celebrate the beauty of nature. TRACE's hemp fiber is purified with a gentle, non-toxic proprietary process that does not bleach the fibers. Hemp fiber has natural variations in color from a light tan to a dark gray. It is normal to see flecks of this beautiful fiber in your pad that may vary in appearance from pad-to-pad and box-to-box.


There is no single definition of regenerative agriculture because each plot of land holds is own unique personality, history, and need. Our fibers are grown to meet each acre's specific need and special legacy. Restoring soil health allows the ground to hold more water and supports the living, microscopic ecosystems that sustain crops without fertilizers while maintaining the delicate balance of nature for generations to come.

Our products are made from the tender stalk fibers of carefully chosen hemp plant varieties. These fibers, when handled properly, absorb and wick moisture better than cotton while remaining soft and supple. The hemp plant itself grows well without pesticides or irrigation. With a long tap-root that extends further than most crops, this rapidly-renewable plant sequesters carbon and cools soils to help reverse the damage of climate change.